Make sense of the digital world and real world in real time.

FathM’s advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning platform discovers information and reveal risks to your enterprise or organization.

FathM is designed to discover, analyze, and deliver non-private social media, deep and dark web intelligence. FathM’s powerful analytic engine combines human intelligence and artificial intelligence to find, filter, and correlate data and metadata in real time.  Discover known and unknown relationships between people, places, and events.

Why FathM? Online data is increasingly important for organizations for a number of reasons:

  • Detect data breaches early on.
  • Identify new or emerging threats.
  • Protect brand and preserve trust.
  • Track events as they happen.
  • Investigate and analyze risks.
  • Gather, understand public sentiment.
  • Predict risk and threat activity.
  • Real time monitoring and incident response to crisis and violence.

Our Products

Whether you’re in need of our powerful data analytics engine and data or want to maximize your own data with our product options, FathM allows you  to make sense of the digital world and real world in real time.

FathM Discovery

FathM Discovery is a powerful data analytics platform that offers a proactive approach in preventing security threats and concerns.  It allows you to find and filter the information you need to detect, plan and act.

FathM provides comprehensive dynamic foreign and domestic non-private social media and other publicly available information.


DeepDivr merges deep web or proprietary data with social media data to enhance discovery.


Dark Divr provides access to information from the Dark Web without the risk.


FathMSonar is a powerful engine for intelligent  search and discovery of proprietary and bespoke analytics and/or data.

Our Solutions

We help our clients make informed decisions and gain new insight and perspective with our data and analytical power of our platform.

Corporate Risk

  • Crisis Management
  • Brand Protection & Management
  • Loss and Asset Protection
  • Incident & Disaster Recovery
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Identity Verification
  • Fraud & Crime Investigation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • M&A
  • Due Diligence
  • Insider Threat
  • Executive & Travel Protection
  • Litigation Support

Public Safety & Security

  • Sport, Event & School Security
  • Employee Vetting & Background
  • Workplace Security
  • Operational Security
  • Research & Investigations
  • Online Student Safety
  • Incident Response
  • Event Monitoring


  • Financial Services
  • Legal and Insurance Services
  • Energy and Critical Infrastructure
  • Private Investigation Services
  • IT & Cybersecurity
  • Media & Journalism
  • Human Resources & Talent Management
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Campus Safety

Our Story

Our founders come from very different corners of the information world–an operations officer and a data scientist. Independently, they recognized that social media and online data information would have a profound impact on the way we understand and make sense of today’s world. Together, they combine hard science, data science, and social science approaches to develop unique and innovative ways to collect, analyze, filter, and correlate online data and non-private social media.

Searching for results and following leads to every website and social media platform isn’t effective or an efficient use of resources or time. That’s why we’ve simplified and automated the discovery and analysis processes into one web-accessible portal. Our proprietary algorithms automate searches of billions of social media posts and specialized datasets, so you can access the right information quicker, allowing the user to act faster.

The power factors.

FathM’s innovative proprietary and patented methodologies collect, curate, filter, analyze, and correlate data in a powerful way to reveal information and relationships in real time.

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Uniquely secure.

We collect and own our data, safeguarding the ability to control your data and interests. FathM is modular built, fully customizable, and fully auditable. You control the data you create, input or share. Shareable dashboards, exportable data and customized reports allow your teams to communicate efficiently.

Use Case: Litigation Support

A law firm preparing for a case used FathM to confirm or reject a theory that key individuals had a prior undisclosed relationship. Searches revealed connections between the individuals based on image recognition and social media posts (some of which had been deleted). Additional discovery of fraud-related activities resulted from searches of dark web sites; admissible evidence was collected to provide a clear direction for the case.

Use Case: Due Diligence

A mid-sized US-based manufacturing company with a specialized product enters negotiation with a larger company to expand its market overseas. While conducting due diligence utilizing FathM, research reveals the target company had previously conducted business under another name and had been compromised, losing product specific intellectual property (IP) to a foreign company. Further searches revealed that the target company and the foreign-based company shared a third- party manufacturing site. The US-based manufacturing company withdrew from negotiations and conducted a thorough open source research investigation to secure its valuable IP.

Use Case: Event Security

A large university was conducting a well-publicized all-campus event which had the potential to draw large groups of opposing protestors.  The Campus Security Operations Center employed the monitoring and alerting functions of FathM to follow any potential new or emerging threats to public safety. Security officers used key word and topic searches within a localized geo-fenced area to be alert to non-private social media posts of interest. After three users posted references to violence, officers were able to quickly further research the users’ behavior and discover their location to devise an action plan against the threat.

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